Have you have you heard of Yarn Bombing? If not, consider the message that this 6 minute presents and consider how this simple act could change homes, neighborhoods and even nations.

Who is she:

“Considered to be the mother of yarn bombing, Magda Sayeg’s 10-year body of work includes the widely recognized knitted/crocheted covered bus in Mexico City as well as her first solo exhibit in Rome at La Museo des Esposizione. Her work has evolved to include large scale installations around the world including commissions and collaborations with companies such as Commes Des Garçons, CR Fashionbook, Absolut Vodka, Insight 51, Mini Cooper, Gap, Smart Car. She continues to participate in shows such as Milan’s Triennale Design Museum, Le M.U.R. in Paris and the National Gallery of Australia, among others. Her installations have also been featured prominently at American monuments to contemporary culture, such as The Standard Hotel, South By Southwest and the Austin City Limits Festival”. – Official TED Site

Why should I watch?:

“Textile artist Magda Sayeg transforms urban landscapes into her own playground by decorating everyday objects with colorful knit and crochet works. These warm, fuzzy “yarn bombs” started small, with stop sign poles and fire hydrants in Sayeg’s hometown, but soon people found a connection to the craft and spread it across the world. “We all live in this fast-paced, digital world, but we still crave and desire something that’s relatable,” Sayeg says. “Hidden power can be found in the most unassuming places, and we all possess skills that are just waiting to be discovered.” – Official TED Site

Discussion questions:

  1. How does “soft art” affect a hard world?
  2. What has your experience been with art affecting the living spaces of you, your family, or your friends?
  3. What can you do to make your world a more beautiful place? What could be the psychological impact?

How yarn bombing grew into a worldwide movement with Madga Sayeg


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