Why do half the marriages each year dissolve within 10 years? McCarthy lists disrespect, boredome, too much time on Facebook and having sex with other people as some of the top seeded culperts. But, let’s turn this around. What is the glue that holds the other half, the non-divorces if you would, together? This talk provides some insight.

Who is she:

Born near Chicago, and raised in a middle class home, she attended Souther Illinois University where, before having to drop out for lack of funds, she majored in nursing and psychology.

Playboy magazine’s Miss October, and 1994 Playmate of the year is the mother of of a son who was diagnosed with autism in 2005. Today she is more remembered for her campaigns against vaccinations than her photo shoots of 20 plus years ago.

Why could you view:

Jenna is bright and funny. She treats the very serious business of forming lasting relationships is a fresh straight forward and humorous manner. She sheds light on what works. And what does not in long-term relationships.

Discussion Questions:

1. The incidence of divorce in the United States is about 50% within the first 10 years of marriage. Do some research to examine the leading causes for divorce.

2. What are the factors that promote lasting marriages?

3. Do the findings that people who smile in childhood photographs (and are less likely to get a divorce) represent causal or correlational research. Are there other ways to interpret the data that she presents?

4. What does she see as the relationship between marital satisfaction in one marriage as it relates to things like watching romantic movies or viewing marital dis-satisfaction in the marriages of others?

5. Speculate as to why happily married people enjoy better health, wealth sexual activity.

Making connections:

Here is a short news clip about her work the parents of autistic children:

There are many more on the Internet, including an excellent in-depth interview with Larry King.

What you don’t know about marriage with Jenna McCarthy


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