Collins describes an activity that will improve our performance in almost all areas of life. The activity is playing a musical instrument. See what she provides as evidence for superior brain performance by musicians.

Why should you listen

The benefits of music education has been researched for decades. Most recently neuroscientists have been excited about the significant differences they have seen between the brain functions of musicians, when compared with non-musicians. It has become clear that music education before the age of 7 has the greatest benefits to brain development. Furthermore it has been found that it only takes, at the very lest, an hour a week of structured, formal music education to make permanent and positive changes to the brain functions of every child. This film has been made for music educators, parents, principals and policy makers to help get across the importance of music education in every child’s education.

Who is she

Anita Collins was handed a clarinet at the age of 9, and it changed her life. This single event dictated her future career as a musician, music educator and academic.

Discussion Questions

1. Collins suggests that findings from SMRI on very young children show that musin and language are _________ _________ in the brain.

2. Those who have taken formal music education, begun before 7 years of age and lasting at least 2 years have an average IQ that is ____ points higher than those who have not.

3. She says that we are all born musical. We have to be. Why does she say this?

4. Collins suggests that learning disabilities can be improved by music education. What neurological evidence does she cite?

5. What improvements in education does she suggest would come as a result of music education for all young people?

6. In order to become a recipient of the benefits of music to improve brain function, we have to become makers of music. Explain why this is?



What if every child had access to music education from birth with Anita Collins


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