Have you ever witnessed another approaching something in a completely different way than you do? Do you then find yourself jumping to the conclusion that that way is wrong? In this talk, Derek Sivers introduces the question “weird, or just different.”

Who is he:

Derek Sivers is a professional musician who is known for the founding of CD Baby. CD Baby was the largest seller of independent music on the web, making of $100 million in sales. Sivers later sold CD Baby to focus on building a new company called MuckWork, a company built solely to benefit musicians.

Why you should listen:

Sivers opens our eyes to the way we think about how other think or do things. Also this presentation only few short minutes, the idea is eye opening to how we perceive things outside of what believe to be the “norm”.


  1. Have you ever witnessed another individual doing something in a way that is opposite of what you believe to be the norm? If yes, describe the situation. Did you find yourself thinking that their way is wrong or weird?
  2. After watching this talk, what are your thoughts on those individuals who may take a different approach than you would have? Is their approach weird, or just different?

Weird, or just different with Derek Sivers


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