Pre Thinking:

In her quest to become a world-famous violinist, Ji-Hae Park fell into a severe depression. Only music was able to lift her out again — showing her that her goal needn’t be to play lofty concert halls, but instead to bring the wonder of the instrument to as many people as possible.

Who Is She?:

She has been called the Mother Tersa of music as she brings it to prisoners and those injured in body or soul.

Why You Should Watch:

She shares her personal journey in a way that ressonaltes with the human spirit and she shows that you can rock out on the violin!

 Discussion Questions:

  1. According to Ji-Hae, what is the true power of music?
  2. What is your favorite music? What does it reveal about your moods, emotions and personality?
  3. She said that changing your perspective will transform your life. Can you think of examples of this in your own life?
  4. How can music transform the world?

Making Connections:

If you want to enjoy more of her music, here is a link to purchase on Amazon:

In another Ted Talk Robert Gupta presents the healing power of music:

This link will take you to story about PTSD and music:





The violin and My Dark Night of the Soul with Ji-Hae Park


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