What are the effects of chemicals on the development of the unborn child? While most students are aware of the harmful effects of alcohol, drugs (prescription or non-prescription) and malnutrition what about some of the common chemicals used on our food supply. In this case Atrazine, a common herbicide used on corn.

Why should you listen:

What are the effects of Atrazine on developing organisms, like frogs and children. The answers are chilling. Why is this chemical banned throughout most of the world, but not here in the United States?

Who are they:

Tyrone Hayes studies frogs and amphibians — and the effects on their bodies of common farming chemicals.
Penelope Jagessar Chaffer is the director and producer of the documentary film Toxic Baby. She works to bring to light the issue of environmental chemical pollution and its effect on babies and children.


1. What got Penelope started researching the effects of chemicals?
2. What are some of the effects, on frogs, of atrazine exposure.
3. What is the effect of synthetic estrogen (in baby bottles made with BPA)?
4. What is the target of the sixth mass extinction?
5. What are the generational effects?
6. Do some research on the prevalence of toxic chemicals in your immediate environment.

Connecting to the real world: Toxic chemicals found in baby products with CNN

The link between pesticides and subsequent illness may be long lasting and be responsible for neuromuscular diseases such as Parkinson’s:

The toxic baby with Tyrone Hayes and Penelope Jagessar Chaffer


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