If women make up half of middle management, why are so few in upper-level management? According to Colantuono, it is because of a missing piece of information that male leaders claim “goes without saying”. Colantuono explains the importance of this missing piece of information.

Why you should listen:

Colantuono works to uncover hidden gender bias and to help managers and executives think more deeply about the role gender plays in the workplace.

Who is she?

Susan Colantuono is the CEO of Leading Women, a management consulting firm that empowers women. She is the author of No Ceiling, No Walls: What women haven’t been told about leadership, which takes a close look at the conventional wisdom keeping women from rising from middle management.


  1. What is the proportion of women in top vs middle management?
  2. What are the three elements of leadership, and which of these is the “missing 33%”?
  3. Explain the importance of “strategic alignment”.
  4. Colantuono says women do not get good advice about the importance of business, strategic, and financial acumen. In your opinion, why is that?
  5. Based on your experience, can you describe a time when ‘management’ had goals or expectations that you were unaware of? How did that make you feel?
  6. Why do you think men say that the importance of business, strategic, and financial acumen “goes without saying”?

The career advice you probably didn’t get with Susan Colantuono


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