The mind of a child is the most impressionable, so why not place them in a teaching environent that unleashes their full potential to learn?

Who is he:

Architect Takaharu Tezuka is known for his unique and inspiring architectural designs. Tezuka paired up with his wife to create their own company in Tokyo known as Tezuka Architects. Together they focused on human activity and connectivity which was shown through their schools, office buildings and hospitals.

Why you should watch:

In this talk, Tezuka introduces a new kind of kindergarten, “the best kindergaten you’ve ever seen”. This kindergarten is not like those we are used to, it has a unique architecture that is believed to help children learn and grow in a way that is less strict and demanding, making a more attractive and beneficial environment.

Discussion Questions:

  1. How is the kindergarten described by Tezuka different than the norm? In what ways do these rules (or lack there of) influence the way children learn?
  2. Describe the annex building. How can exposing children to a small dosage of danger be beneficial?
  3. Do you think that our schooling systems are too strict, and as a result hinder the full growth potential of our children?
  4. Tezuka states “architecture is capable of changing this world, and people’s lives”. Think of a couple ways we can prove this to be true.

The best kindergarten you’ve ever seen with Takaharu Tezuka


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