Are you really what you eat? Jamie Oliver shows us that people, especially Americans, are getting fatter and fatter each year quickly shortening our lifespans. Today many children are hooked on pizza, burgers, pre-packaged frozen foods, sweets, and fried foods that they can’t name basic vegetables. If there is to be a change, Jamie Oliver suggests that everyone will need to help in creating a better and longer life, especially for the future generations.

Why you should listen:

The United States is considered to be the front runner country of the world, but is one of the unhealthiest countries with the highest obesity rate around the globe. Jamie Oliver explains how the Main Street (fast food companies), home, and schools need to step up and fight this trend of fatter people and shorter lifespans.

Who is he?

Jamie Oliver is an English celebrity chef that advocates for better food education. He is experienced in Italian, British, vegetarian, organic, and fresh cuisine.


  1. How much has a poor-diet of food affected the average American’s lifespan?
  2. What are “diet-related diseases” and what are they the main cause of in the United States?
  3. What are the components Oliver shows in the triangle of problems?
  4. What role do the schools play in the obesity epidemic and poor food education?
  5. What should big supermarket companies and fast food companies do to increase food education?
  6. How can communities and families work together to teach one another and future generations about healthy eating and habits?

Teach every child about food with Jamie Oliver


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