Too often sleep is taken for granted. They say that you can never get back the sleep you have missed, but how often do we think about the consequences of skipping out on our beauty rest? Throughout the day the brain works through complex and simple planning and problem solving, but research by Jeff Iliff highlights just how intricate the brain is while we are off dreaming.

Who he is:

Jeff Iliff is a neuroscience researcher that focuses on the many cells work and contribute to the functionality of the brain. In addition, Iliffwas a part of the research team at the University of Rochester Medical Center that discovered the brain’s cleaning system, which they coined the “glymphatic system.”

Why you should listen:

On average, humans spend nearly one third of their lives sleeping, yet we know that people are not getting nearly enough sleep, especially as they age. Jeff Iliff explains how we can, what seems like effortlessly, help clean our brain.

Discussion Questions:

1. Who theorized 2,000 years ago that brain rehydrates every night as we sleep?
2. Why are blood vessels important to the brain and other organs?
3. Which system is used by the body to expel byproduct waste?
4. Why would the brain have to create its own cleaning system if the body is already using an effective system?
5. How does the brain use cerebrospinal fluid to clean the brain?
6. Why is sleep important to cleaning the brain?
7. What is the protein that the brain creates and has to clean to stay healthy?


One more reason to get a good night’s sleep with Jeff Iliff


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