Ali makes a good case for terrorist organizations recruiting from the urban unemployed, who have no expectations of rising in their futures. He claims that providing them with startup capitol and enabling them to fill a need in their communities is the best preventative to the appeal of the recruiter.

Why you should listen:

In urban hubs like Mogadishu, says Mohamed Ali, we’re losing our brightest minds to terrorism and violence. Why not channel the energy of ambitious and eager young people toward innovation instead of destruction? Ali is doing his part to make this dream a reality. He is the Executive Director of the Iftiin Foundation, an organization that builds and supports young entrepreneurs to encourage a culture of change and innovation in Somalia and other post-conflict countries. Ali believes these untapped youths can become figures of hope for their communities and ultimately promote peace and stability in the region.

Who is he:

Ali is a founding member of End Famine, a campaign founded in 2011 aimed at promoting food security and eradicating famine worldwide, starting with the Horn of Africa. Ali has a law degree from Boston College Law School.


  1. Where is Ali originally from?
  1. What story does he tell us to show how the recruiters work on young people?
  1. He gives several examples of how entrepreneurs are able to start businesses that create employment. What are examples?
  1. Startup companies in the developed counties require raising large amounts of capital. What sort of dollar amount is Ali suggesting?
  1. What road conditions made the rental of motorcycle business successful?
  1. Often all governmental structures in counties like Somalia are broken. Can private enterprise development of business replace terrorists as the best game in town?

The link between unemployment and terrorism with Mohamed Ali


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