Pre- thinking

Jane Fonda has been an activist for social causes for most of her life. In he talk, she says, “we’re all born with spirit, all of us, but sometimes it gets tamped down beneath the challenges of life, violence, abuse, neglect”; as you watch, assess the validity of that statement. In this talk, she addresses the longevity revolution. She contrasts the old model of aging; as you watch, assess the validity of that statement. She contrasts the old model of aging “the arch” with a newer model “the staircase”. She also makes the point that entropy affects everything except the human spirit.

Why you should listen

Jane’s remarkable screen and stage career includes two Best Actress Oscars, an Emmy, a Tony Award nomination and an Honorary Palme d’Or from the Cannes Film Festival—she is one of only three people to receive this honor. Off stage, she revolutionized the fitness industry in the 1980s with Jane Fonda’s Workout—the all time top-grossing home video. She has written a best-selling memoir, My Life So Far, and Prime Time, a comprehensive guide to living life to the fullest, particularly for boomers.

Who is she

Jane Fonda is an actor, author, producer, activist and exercise guru. Outspoken and committed, she supports environmental issues, peace, and female empowerment. She founded the Georgia Campaign for Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention, and established the Jane Fonda Center for Adolescent Reproductive Health at the Emory School of Medicine. She cofounded the Women’s Media Center, and sits on the board of V-Day: Until The Violence Stops, a global effort to stop violence against women and girls. She is a former Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations Population Fund.

Discussion questions

1. What does Fonda mean by saying “the old paradigm for aging is an arch?” How is it changing?
2. How can one make the added years successful and use them to make a difference?
3. What is the second law of thermodynamics? How does it affect everything in the world? What is the one exception?
4. Fonda approached her third act by doing a life review. What did that include?
5. Fonda cites Victor Frankel. Go to Mental Health on the TED Talks Psychology website and view what Frankel has to say. Write a summary of how he found meaning.
6. What suggestions does Fonda have for women to regain their sense of wholeness? What does she think is the result?

Life’s third act with Jane Fonda



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