Pre thinking

Have you ever considered what it would be like to work day in and day out with people in their last stage of life? While some may respond by saying it would be depressing, you might be startled to hear the response of Alia. See if your perspective changes by the end of her talk.

Who is she

Alia Indrawan has worked as a Hospice Nurse, helping people with terminal illness to die gracefully and in peace.. She is deeply committed to whole-hearted living, where emotional freedom and vulnerability are honored and celebrated.

Why should you listen

She uses her background in traditional medicine with her passion for non-traditional healing. Her spot-on intuition and grounded, compassionate nature open up a pathway for powerful self-discovery and a renewed sense of purpose. Alia has developed a client base spanning five continents. Her work is a testament to the limitless breadth of her spiritual and emotional guidance.

Discussion Questions

1. Why did she state that Hospice nursing was an “opportunity”?

2. Do some research on Hospice. What are the goals? What Hospice services are offered in your community?

3. What is the one thing that would change the world?

4. What does “letting go” and “surrender” mean within the context of her story?

Lessons from a hospice nurse with Alia Indrawan


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