There are different motivations for people who challenge the world in various man against nature adventures. Adrenaline rush, personal best, to see if it could be done, are only a few. Listen to this talk to see why a happily married computer scientist would at the age of 57 be motivated to put on a space suit and ascent under a balloon to almost 136000 feet, before free falling to earth

Why you should listen:

An American computer scientist who served as Senior Vice President of Knowledge at Google.] Since October 24, 2014, he holds the world record for the highest-altitude free fall jump. Unlike a lot of people who do this sort of adventurous thing for the adrenalin rush, Eustace was most interested in the scientific and technological aspects of his and the knowledge it would result in,

Who is he:            

After graduating from Maynard Evans High School in 1974, he received a debate scholarship from Valencia College and attended it for a year before transferring to Florida Technological University — now known as the University of Central Florida. after taking a class on Computer Science, he decided to switch majors and ended up completing three academic degrees in the field, including a doctorate in 1984 After several jobs in various firms in the computer industry, each at a higher level ,he joined Google, then a four-year-old startup. After his stratosphere leap, he retired from google in 2015

Discussion Questions:

  1. Growing up in Florida, at the time of the Apollo space flights, What does Eustace say he was most impressed with?
  2. What were the questions that Eustace had about the stratosphere?
  3. About how long did it take him to come back to earth and what was his fastest speed?
  4. What does Eustace say about the engineering advantages of the system his team put together over a capsule system?
  5.  It took Eustace 2 hours and 7 minutes to ascend; how does he describe this time?
  6. What does he say is responsible for the success of this experiment?

Making Connections:

Here is an old film clip featuring” Exploring The Stratosphere” made in 1939.

Compare it to today’s commercial experience available only in Las Vegas: “Stratosphere Tower Las Vegas Thrill Rides HD”. Viewer discretion advised – this video is not for those with queasy stomachs!!! Here is the link:

“I leapt from the stratosphere. Here’s how I did it”, with Alan Eustace


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