In this short talk from TED U, Joachim de Posada shares a landmark experiment on delayed gratification — and how it can predict future success. With priceless video of kids trying their hardest not to eat the marshmallow.

At TED 2009, Joachim de Posada re-created the famous experiment with kids in Colombia, to see if they’d react differently from the suburban California children who were the subjects of the first test. There was no difference!

Who is he?

Joachim de Posada was a speaker and motivational coach who  had the ability to draw out unexpected, funny insights on what success is and how to achieve it. He was the author of “How to Survive Among the Piranhas” and “Don’t Eat the Marshmallow … Yet.”  He died on June 11, 2015

Why Should You Watch?

His talk is based on a classic psychology experiment from 1972. That is reason enough to view it!!!

Discussion Questions

  1. What are some of the benefits of being able to delay gratification?
  2. Besides using a marshmallow, what other stimulus could have been used in the experiment.
  3. Is it possible to teach delayed gratification as Joachin suggests the Koreans are attempting to do? Discuss.

Making Connections

A recent study, done at the University of Rochester, shed some additional light on the original Stanford study. It seems that the children, at least partially, based their behavior on how trust worthy they evaluated the experimenter to be. Take a look at the findings:

Concerning Joachim’s book, How to Survive Among the Piranhas, bestselling author Michael LeBoeuf  (“The Millionaire in You”) wrote, it …” is a mini-encyclopedia containing some of the best ideas available in the areas of business and personal development. In addition to the wonderful ideas on such topics as motivation, sales, marketing, negotiation, and customer service, Joachim De Posada will entertain and fascinate you with personal stories of his life. Read, learn, and enjoy.”

“Don’t Eat The Marshmallow” with Joachim de Posada


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