Gary Vaynerchuk gives a shot in the arm to dreamers and up-and-comers who face self-doubt. The Internet has made the formula for success simpler than ever, he argues. So there’s now no excuse not to do what makes you happy.

Why you should listen:

In 2006 Vaynerchuk launched Wine Library TV, a daily video blog about wine. With the tagline “changing the wine world,” the show offers an unpretentious approach to a historically stuffy subject. As the audience grew and word spread of his informal and unorthodox approach to wine, Gary made numerous national television appearances and landed a book deal.

Who is he:

Bestselling author and entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk began his career in his family’s business, Shopper’s Discount Liquors. He soon rebranded the store as Wine Library, launching a retail website and boosting its revenue from $4 million to $60 million


1. What are the two “P’s” Vaynerchuck talks about? Why are they important?

2. What does Vaynerchuck mean when he says accuracy is greater than currency?

3. Why do you think it is important to do what you love?

4. According to Vaynerchuck it is crucial to have brand equity. Why is this true?

5. Challenge yourself to take a look in the mirror and ask yourself “what do I want to do with the rest of my life?”

Do what you love (no excuses!) with Gary Vaynerchuck


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  • Danielle

    Yes, indeed! While the seaekpr does give us some useful science behind the cycles of addiction and its effects on the brain, his talk paints men as helpless victims to their whims which I find offensive. There’s a lot more going on than just a starved brain needing more chemical. He says nothing about what drives people to lives of insulated introversion (of which, porn addiction could be called a symptom one of many).Just as the seaekpr assumes obesity is all about binge eating of junk food, he ignores the complexity of the issues, and the nuances that drive people back to it in the first place. Sure, it is an easy habit to follow and a hard habit to break, but it weakens the argument when we ask others to assume that we suffer or act in the same way.I wish we would talk more about underlying issues, because this is where the cure for these ills truly lies. Men and women relating to each other. Real conversations. Open dialogue in person. Stimulation of the brain in other ways besides fantasy.

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