Life can be hectic at times; have you ever wished for a space of your own where you can temporarily get away and just relax? Free of distractions and stress? If so, a manspace may be the perfect solution.

Who is he:

Sam Martin is the director of digital strategy at Texas Monthly magazine, and the author of “Manspace: A Primal Guide to Marking Your Territory.” His story begins with the creation of his backyard manspace after completing his first book with the distraction of his 2-year-old sun playing in the background.

Why you should listen:

According to Martin, a “manspace” is defined as a den or hideaway where a man can claim a piece of territory for himself. In this talk, Martin introduces the manspace and how it has been used over the years.


  1. Reflect on why one may create a “manspace.” In what ways do you think creating a personal space for yourself is beneficial?
  2. Martin gives several example of how “manspaces” have been created by men for years as their own personal claimed territory. Why is it that we don’t here women claiming rooms of the house as their “womanspace”?
  3. If you were to build your own “manspace” where would it be located and what would it include? How does the way you envision your personal hideaway reflect your personal interests?

Claim your “manspace” with Sam Martin


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