Curiosity, imagination, and determination can be a formula of success, especially when you have the drive to be a leader. James Cameron, deep-sea lover turned film director turned engineer and space enthusiast, explains how the curiosity and imagination of a young child can help forge a new world.

Why you should listen:

Although James Cameron is best known for his directing, he is also an inventor and engineer. Cameron’s love and curiosity about science fiction and the deep sea has been the inspiration behind many of his films and documentaries. He is considered one of the best film directors and co-developer of the 3D Fusion Camera System.

Who is he?

James Cameron is an internationally known film director best known for the films Titanic, Avatar, Aliens, and the sequel of Terminator blockbusters. As a distinguished filmmaker, Cameron has received Academy Awards, Golden Globes, Oscars, multiple honorary doctorates pertaining to the fine arts, he has also been inducted into Canada’s Walk of Fame and the Science Fiction Hall of Fame.


  1. How did James Cameron document all the creative images he planned out in his head during his childhood?
  2. Why did 15 year old James Cameron become a scuba diver?
  3. Why was “The Abyss” such an important movie for Cameron?
  4. How did James Cameron merge is love for underwater diving into the Titanic and what did he find?
  5. After listening to James Cameron’s talk, how would you define an “alien” in his terms and why is concept of alien is different?
  6. What advice does Cameron give at the end of his talk? 

Before Avatar…. a curious boy with James Cameron


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