Ed Gavagan  was violently attacked in New York city. The attack could have left him dead or maimed for life. In this talk he tells of his near-death experience on the streets of New York as the victim of a gang initiation rite.

He starts his story by telling us about knots and surgeons and then retells the story of the attack. His story is a current as the morning headlines or TV news update in any large city in America, and probably in the world.

Ed tells an unforgettable story of crime, skill and gratitude.

Who is he:

Ed Gavagan is the owner of PraxisNYC, a design firm specializing in boutique residences and aimed at designing for sustainability, habitability, durability and beauty. Gavagan lives in New York City with his wife and daughter.


  1. Why was he attacked? Was there anything about his appearance that could contribute to his victim status?
  1. What happened to him as an immediate result of the attack?
  1. How does he introduce his story?
  1. How did he and his team push back against chaos? Why was it so surprising that he survived the attack?
  1. In sharing his story, Ed Gavagan captures our fear of violence. Of what use is his story in the study of social psychology?
  1. If that attack  had happened to you, how would you respond?

A story about knots and surgeons with Ed Gavagan


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