When you think of art what is your image? paint on canvas? Stained glass? Marble sculpture? What about flies trapped in resin or a human mounted on a microscope slide? Dustin Yellin explains the path that led to his outlandish creations. His short talk may challenge your assumptions about the creative process and creative products

Who is he:

Born in 1975, Dustin Yellin, Dustin Yellin has been unconventional for most of his life. He dropped out high school prior to graduation, to travel the world getting eccentric input from bizarre and remote places. The New York Times wrote “[Dustin Yellin] is an artist so completely connected to people there almost isn’t a place he goes where someone isn’t waiting to open a door and welcome him in”.

Why you should listen:

His glass sculptures which are huge and complex, have won praises from all over the art world. He is the personification of thinking outside (and sometimes deeply inside) the box.

Discussion Questions:

  1. What way did the boxes that he constructed help him to think outside the box?
  2. Discuss the role of “accidents” in fostering creativity.
  3. His art is certainly unconventional. Is it really art? Defend your position.
  4. He states that the “delusion of difference” does not work. What does he advocate instead?

Making Connections

Yellin certainly has some interesting ideas. Where do good ideas come from? Steven Johnson presents a short animated clip based on his very popular Ted Talk – Where do Good Ideas Come From? Here is the link:

A journey through the mind of an artist with Dustin Yellin


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