In his typically candid style, Richard St. John reminds us that success is not a one-way street, but a constant journey. He uses the story of his business’ rise and fall to illustrate a valuable lesson — when we stop trying, we fail.

Why you should listen:

  • He spent ten years researching success and doing over 500 interviews with many “greats”.
  • Spoke face-to-face with Bill Gates, Martha Stewart, the Google founders, etc.
  • Created one of the world’s largest databases on success.
  • Discovered The 8 Traits Successful People have in Common.
  • Wrote the bestselling book 8 To Be Great.
  • Is consistently rated the “Most Inspirational Speaker” by audiences.
  • Has shared the stage with Richard Branson, Bill Gates, and General David Petraeus.
  • On the prestigious website, his talk is in the top 20 “Most Viewed” out of 700 great talks.
  • It’s also in TED’s “Favorites,” “Most Inspirational,” “Funniest,” and “Most Translated” categories.

Who is he:

  • Achieved corporate success as ten-year member of scientific staff at Nortel’s R&D labs
  • Achieved entrepreneurial success as founder of The St. John Group.
  • Won highest awards in business communications.
  • Became a millionaire.
  • Has a black belt in judo.
  • Cycled halfway around the world on a ten-speed bike.
  • Ran over 50 marathons on all seven continents.
  • Climbed two of the world’s seven summits


  1. In his talk, St John speaks about people who succeed only to fail. What lesson does he offer us?
  2. He says that all endeavors start with a good idea. He gives a formula for generating good ideas. What is it?
  3. He speaks about the “CRAP” we find in life. What does this acronym stand for
  4. What are his “Eight Steps to Success”?


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Success is a continuous journey with Richard St John


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