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Men are from Mars and women are from Venus – true or false? Listening to Mozart can make you clever and healthy – true or false? What about “learning style”? – is it a valid concept? According to Ben, none of the three concepts holds water when subjected to emirpical scrutiny! You may have your own spin on these and 7 other myths that he debunks – as up watch, see if there are any error of logic in his analysis.

Who is he

Ben Ambridge is a senior lecturer in psychology at the University of Liverpool, where he researches children’s language development. He is the author of Psy-Q, which introduces readers to some of the major findings in psychology via interactive puzzles, games, quizzes and tests.

He also writes great newsy stories connecting psychology to current events. His article “Why Can’t We Talk to the Animals?” was shortlisted for the 2012 Guardian-Wellcome Science Writing Prize. Psy-Q is his first book for a general audience.

Why should you listen

He will show you how to become a clear listener and critical thinker – at least in the realm of Psychology!


  1. What other gender differences can you identify that are similar to the myths that he debunks? Have you ever noticed that “differences” are often interpreted as weakness or strengths ; why is that kind of simplistic thinking popular?
  2. In looking at nature versus nurture, what is the contribution of genetics as opposed to the environment?
  3. Do a small study to see if people identify themselves as right-brained or left-brained. What data do they cite to back up their opinion? Share the results with one or more other people and see if they agree with your findings.
  4. Why is there nearly universal agreement on the selection of a mate or romantic partner that is almost entirely the opposite between men and women?

5.    What are the characteristics of liars and truth tellers? Compare his findings to those of Pamela          Meyer and her Ted Talk, “How to spot a liar”.

  1. Molly Crockett warns us to watch out for people using psycho-babble in her Ted Talk at, Is the warnings of Ben and Molly justified?

10 myths about psychology, debunked with Ben Ambridge


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